Grime Gang Testimonials

While every job that we perform is a testiment to the collective work ethic of the staff members and their pursuit of high standards in quality and service, we also receive thanks from our customers that serve as reward for our efforts as a company. Here are some of those letters.

Dear Grime Gang

I have to thank you for the bin cleaning services that you provide. Not only do you clean the trashcans well, but you have been kind enough to return them to the bottom of my drive. Your staff are always polite and helpful and the service you provide superb. No longer do I need to be remined of my garbage on hot summer days. My regular cleaning has taken care of the odors and the pests they attract. Many thanks.

Margerie D'Vanzo

To Whom It May Concern:
Since cleaning my trashcans, I have noticed a marked reduction in the number of pests that I have had visiting in the evenings. The odors are gone, the pests are gone and the dirt is gone. Many thanks for the services you provide. It is appreciated.

Bret Murray

203 733 0731

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